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Brand: Rohloff
Rohloff SPEEDHUB conversion kit chain tensioner..
5.00 €
Ex Tax:4.03 €
Brand: Rohloff
Shifting box bolts with threaded bush for Rohloff SpeedhubSet: 2 pcs. ..
3.53 €
Ex Tax:2.85 €
Brand: Rohloff
Set Rohloff shifter cables 1.1mm and 2.5m length for tandems or extra long bikes...
7.00 €
Ex Tax:5.65 €
Brand: Rohloff
 Set Rohloff shifter cables 1.1mm and 1.8m length..
7.00 €
Ex Tax:5.65 €
Brand: Rohloff
2 sisävaijeria 1,1 mm 2 ohjuria (Liner)vuoteen 2010 asti valmistettuun kuoreen...
15.12 €
Ex Tax:12.19 €
Rohloff SPEEDHUB shifter cable set complete Tandem
New Free
Brand: Rohloff
DB. EX and TS shifter cable set2 inner cables 1.1mm2 housing 2,5m with integrated liners (new since 2011)..
0.00 €
Ex Tax:0.00 €
Brand: Rohloff
DB. EX and TS shifter cable set2 inner cables 1.1mm2 housing 1.8m with integrated liners (new since 2011)..
26.00 €
Ex Tax:20.97 €
Brand: Rohloff
Vaijeripesän varaosakansi ulkopuoliselle vaihteenohjaimelle, sis. pyälletty ruuvi..
11.00 €
Ex Tax:8.87 €
Brand: Kryptonite
Erittäin vahva U-lukko. Sisältää runkokiinnikkeen ja kolme avainta. Yhdessä avaimessa lisäksi ledvalo, jolla näkee avata lukon myös pimeässä. Lenkin p..
59.00 €
Ex Tax:47.58 €
Brand: Fox Racing
TECHNICAL DETAILSBest-selling all mountain helmetProven coverage and protectionSingle hand dial actuated retention system for easy adjustmentDeep EPS ..
79.84 €
Ex Tax:64.39 €
Brand: Fox Racing
Fox Racing: Flight Mountain Bike HelmetThe Flight Helmet takes the traditional dirt jump lid to all new heights of protection, performance and comfort..
65.00 €
Ex Tax:52.42 €
Brand: Whyte
SPECIFICATIONCOLOURMatt Granite Silver/TanCASSETTESunRace CSMS8, 11-42, 11 SpeedFRAME6061 Alloy, Hydro Formed T6 Aluminium, Multi Butted, SCR, Tapered..
1,208.87 €
Ex Tax:1,208.87 €
Ullmann Power-Station V4 charger
Top Brand
Brand: Ullmann
Pyörämatkojen pelastus! Ullmann Power-Station V4 lataa ja tuo pyöräillessä virtaa USB-käyttöisiin laitteisiin. Se sopii erinomaisesti älypuhelint..
99.95 €
Ex Tax:80.60 €
Takavanne fixed/freewheel completeTAKAVANNE (kuten kuvassa) 120mm, completeAlex 6000 Kiillotettu profiilivanne 28”, renkaineen.Formula navat suojatuil..
149.00 €
Ex Tax:120.16 €
Brand: Specialized
It's a busy world out there, and the sad thing is, it's getting faster all of the time. That's why we recommend faster bikes for busy lives, like the ..
3,399.00 €
Ex Tax:2,741.13 €
Brand: Specialized
The Turbo Levo Hardtail 29 is built for speed and fun. And to make sure of it, we gave it the nimble, explosive geometry that our hardtail trail 29ers..
3,299.00 €
Ex Tax:2,660.48 €