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Brand: Rohloff
Rohloff SPEEDHUB axle plate screwsTorx screws Set: 6 pcs...
3.00 €
Ex Tax:2.42 €
Brand: Rohloff
Screws for Rohloff SPEEDHUB torque arm with washers..
6.00 €
Ex Tax:4.84 €
Brand: Rohloff
Shifting box bolts with threaded bush for Rohloff SpeedhubSet: 2 pcs. ..
3.53 €
Ex Tax:2.85 €
Rohloff SPEEDHUB shifter cable set complete standard
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Brand: Rohloff
DB. EX and TS shifter cable set2 inner cables 1.1mm2 housing 1.8m with integrated liners (new since 2011)..
26.00 €
Ex Tax:20.97 €
Brand: Rohloff
Rohloff SPEEDHUB SPEEDBONEOn frames with international disc brake mounts (IS 2000), the OEM2 mounting is recommended. As an alternative the long torque arm could also be used.All Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 versions can be mounted on this frame type, the only accessory needed is the OEM2 axle plate.Atte..
44.00 €
Ex Tax:35.48 €
Brand: Rohloff
Long torque arm quick release block for Rohloff Speedhub..
40.00 €
Ex Tax:32.26 €
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